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Stud Earrings Little matte glass drops -Efecto Glass jewellery


Murano glass and 925 silver stud earrings


This is a handmade piece.  The process and high quality materials give this piece its uniqueness and exclusivity.  

Made using lampworking technique and Murano glass, a torch is used to melt the glass and every piece is formed blowing and shaping with different tools and hand movements.


Silver is commonly associated with the powers of the moon; wearing silver benefits you on a spiritual level, it helps you get in sync with moon and light cycles through the year.  Silver liberates your emotions, helps your creativity and helps you to release tension.  Is a precious metal that enhances the eloquence of the person wearing it as well as the spirit, filling the person with humility and commitment towards life.


Care: If necessary, clean your glass pieces with a soft cloth and some alcohol to see them shine.

Every piece is made using Murano glass, a material widely recognized for its quality and resistance.  It gets harder with the process and doesn’t break easily, however is not unbreakable, so you should avoid heavy blows and misuse.

To learn more about Efecto Glass Jewelry and their story, visit the Designers section or just click here

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