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Earrings Branch-Lecat on internet

Earrings Branch-Lecat


4 rings that play with each other, you can combine them, using all in the same hand, or two in one hand and two in the other one.  The set of 4 rings has three rings size 7 and one ring size 6

It's an accessory that allows you to enjoy your creativity, different designs but with a clear concept of Beauty and quality, , this piece of sustainable jewelry is carefully handmade, using brass resulting from industrial processes, this material is re-purposed and comes to life with a 24 K gold layer.


Care: This piece is handmade and has a gold layer, therefore it needs special care. you must be careful with perfumes and oils, apply them in your body before putting the accessory and avoid contact with water. Clean it with a dry cloth and store it separately.

To learn more about Lecat and her story, visit the Designers section or just click here


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