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  • Ankle brace Faith - Sublime Pulsión - Currucutú|Accesorios latinoamericanos hechos a mano
  • Ankle brace Faith - Sublime Pulsión - Currucutú|Accesorios latinoamericanos hechos a mano


Ankle brace Faith - Sublime Pulsión

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Collection Supernatural (mystical connection between the being and its soul). "Follow your dreams", a constant motivation to materialize the life project, in search of happiness. The infinity with the heart symbol symbolizes love as the main feeling of being, which has not endm  the star shines to guide the good roads, the right decisions. The cross is a religious symbol of the divine love of the son who sacrifices himself for the forgiveness of the sins of humanity. The tree of life symbolizes the aspects of existence, it is an element of protection and shelter; the tree is a reflection of life: the seed is birth, growth accompanied by family and friends who are straightening to be like the trunk of a tree, the branches represent the decisions and the paths to follow in life. The symbols of peace and love are part of the pacifist hippie movement, whose bohemian, spiritual, revolutionary and activist lifestyle suggests a union between spirit, body and soul; likewise, the harmony between human beings. The Hamsa or the Hand of Fatima is a symbol of protection used as an amulet against evils. The Turkish eye is an esoteric element to which protective forces are attributed, blue is associated with good energies.


Handmade in differente materials: Cellular lace, rigid nylon, Czech beads, duo mostacilla, mostacillón, mini mother-of-pearl heart, turquoises, agates, Turkish eyes, acrylic accessories, resin roses, mini pearls, murrinas, tassels of thread, accessories gold filled. Techniques: Macrame fabric, assembly, wound, knotted.


Care: Keep them in their original container, separated from other pieces, to avoid discoloration or adverse reactions. Avoid contact with chemical products. Avoid bathing with them or wetting them so they do not rust or deteriorate their elements. Costume jewelery is composed of elements that are discolored by use, by contact with other elements or due to perspiration, so it should be cleaned regularly with a soft and dry cloth.


To learn more about Sublime Pulsion and its story, visit the Designers section or just click here



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