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Bracelet worship - Sublime Pulsión


Collection Supernatural (mystical connection between the being and its soul). Each piece of murrina glass is a piece of art, for centuries they have been used as decoration material, since they have been an emblem of good taste, originality and sophistication. The Turkish eyes are esoteric elements to which protective forces are attributed; red is associated with love, passion and desire; Blue represents the good energies, yellow the strength and the vitality, and green the hope and the personal growth.  Pearls represent good luck, symbolize purity and innocence, they were believed to be tears of the moon, so they are said to be "gifts from heaven to the sea." Tree of life symbolizes the aspects of existence, it is an element of protection and shelter; is a reflection of life: seed is birth, growth accompanied by family and friends who are straightening to be like the trunk of a tree, branches represent the decisions and the paths to follow in life. The heart-shaped pendant symbolizes "the intangible heart," which represents affection, compassion or pain.


Handmade in different materials: Cell cord, crystals, murrinas, pearls, turquoise eyes, turquoise, agates, Swarovski beads, mostacillón, glass bones, gold filled accessories. Techniques: Assemble, wound, knotted.


Care: Keep them in their original container, separated from other pieces, to avoid discoloration or adverse reactions. Avoid contact with chemical products. Avoid bathing with them or wetting them so they do not rust or deteriorate their elements. Costume jewelery is composed of elements that are discolored by use, by contact with other elements or due to perspiration, so it should be cleaned regularly with a soft and dry cloth.


To learn more about Sublime Pulsion and its story, visit the Designers section or just click here



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