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  • Earrings Double Heart - Tissu design
  • Earrings Double Heart - Tissu design - buy online

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Earrings Double Heart - Tissu design




From the collection of woven feelings, inspired by the heart, which is the reflection of everyone interior.

  Handmade piece in Alio in gold 24K  bath with stick in silver law 9.25 

Technique, armed with hand hammered texture.   

All Tissu products are manufactured in a responsable way with the environment, they are ecofriendly products


Care: Avoid using garments that can be entangled,  Do not expose the piece to corrosive agents such as: chlorine, grease, perfume, alkaline agents, or salinity for long periods of time. Store your piece in a cool place, without humidity, to avoid oxidation.



To learn more about Tissu design, visit the Designers section or just click here


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