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Stud Earrings Batea-Unakita - Currucutú|Accesorios latinoamericanos hechos a mano


Stud Earrings Batea-Unakita

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LAS BATEAS Container without handles, usually made of wood. Used to wash, knead or mix substances. This simple but beautiful container is used by multiple craftsmen for their different trades

This is a handmade piece created  is made in sterling silver 950. with goldsmithing techniques such as laminate, armed and weld.

CARE:  This piece is handmade and has a gold layer; therefore it needs special care to make sure it lasts longer

It is normal for your silver jewelry to darken over time, as they react to substances in the environment. It is also due to the pH of people. But they will be as good as new if you follow the following recommendations: Soak for ten minutes in hot water with liquid soap or baking soda and if necessary rub with a soft brush, then dry the piece with a dry cloth, and you will see it bright.


To learn more about Unakita and her story, visit the Designers section or just click here



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