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Bracelet Tomasa Handmade-Artesano Currucutú

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This is a handmade bracelet made using “cañahuate” wood.  It has two beautiful faces of happy women from the Colombian Atlantic Cost. It’s a magnificent piece of art, a very light bracelet, hand painted to capture the beauty and details making them come to life.

Manuel Pertuz is almost 50 years old and holds the title of “Master Artisan” given by the Colombian government to those who devote their lives to keep traditions alive.  He leaves in a very small town called Galapas about 40 minutes from Baranquilla, Colombia.  His hands bring to life bulls, tigers, “marimondas” and all of the famous carnival characters we see walking down the streets of Barranquilla every February for the famous carnival.  We felt in love with the accessories although his biggest seller are home deco and masks.

CARE:  This piece is handmade; therefore, it needs special care.  Store it in a dry place and apply perfumes, body lotions and creams before wearing it.  Stay out of the water (pool and ocean) while wearing your piece to avoid color changes and damage to the wood


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