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Earrings Shell-Lucas Restrepo Henao

€35 €50

These are beautiful handmade earrings, created using a lost-wax process to obtain the detailed forms you see.  They are made using bronze and silver for the parts in direct contact with the skin. 

The inspiration for this art piece is a natural shell where seeds for some beautiful tree where shelter.  In this one of a kind piece, the designer shows us his fascination with nature and its shapes and carefully immortalizes it.

Care: This is a handmade piece, so please treat it as the treasure it is.  Be careful so it doesn’t get caught on your clothes and if you have to clean it, do so with a soft and dry cloth.  Make sure you store it separately in its own bag.  Apply body oils, creams and perfumes before putting it on.

To learn more about Lucas Restrepo Henao and his story, visit the Designers section or just click here

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