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Efecto Glass Jewelry

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“One of my biggest pleasures is to witness how glass rods, melt into the fire surprising me with colorful hidden effects; I’m amazed at how gravity and a dance with my hands can shape a piece of art; and how the transformation that comes from high temperatures, gives such a high resistance to a piece of glass; It is all a magical process to me” This is how Laura describes the beautiful process that results on Efecto Glass Jewelry

Efecto creates contemporary handmade Murano glass jewelry, using an ancestral technique called Lampworking, where a torch is used to melt glass rods. Previously oil lamps were used to generate the fire needed, and over time both the technique and materials have evolved as and art to what it is today.


Each of the pieces created by this designer is unique, a handmade process result on very hard to replicate pieces; that is where the uniqueness of these accessories comes from. Every piece is carefully handmade using high quality materials and a careful process to ensure a greater resistance, gloss and durability of each glass jewel

Efecto’s founder and designer Laura, loves to experiment with the possibilities offered by the glass when in contact with fire.  Combining her creativity and lampworking technique she creates “Interchangeable Jewelry”, jewelry pieces that can be worn in different ways.


"We are art, color and passion

We are the magic of fire"


Awarded as one of the most innovative ideas of the city of Medellín, in 2014th Seed Capital Contest sponsor by the city municipality.


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