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  • Necklace Drusy protection-Remembranza
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Necklace Drusy protection-Remembranza

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Carol Sterling designs and makes innovative and exclusive fashion accessories for women.  They are made with the intention of highlighting the femininity, strength and independent soul of Latin women.

The colorful design in every creation shows an unbreakable bond to the tropic and the passion and intensity embedded in each piece.

Everyone of these beauties is handmade with high quality standards using different types of materials


CARE: To make sure this beauties last longer, store them in a dry place and apply perfumes, body creams and lotions before putting them on and if you are close to the water (pool, lake or beach) rock them outside the water, but don’t go in with them.

To learn more about Carol Sterling and her story, visit the Designers section or just click here


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