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Ring By the ocean Handmade-Artesano Currucutú

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Colorful handmade rings made by Cuban artisans using bones.  The bones (usually cow’s femur) are boiled with salt and vinegar for a long time to clean them, after they are dry, artisans use their hands and tools to shape them in amazing forms and natural dyes to give them bright colors.

The colors of these rings bring all the happiness from the Caribbean, islands where people dance while walking and sing while talking.  Choose the right size for you and keep in mind they can go in several fingers and will look amazing.  Every color brings you a different message and all feel your soul with positive vibes.

White: Clean and pure, confidence for a lucky beginning

Yellow: Joy, happiness, intelligence and energy

Orange: Enthusiasm, attraction, creativity

Red: Sensuality, passion, love and sensibility

Purple: Power, ambition, wisdom, independence

Blue: Loyalty, intelligence, trust and truth

Green: Harmony, growth, freshness and resistance 

CARE:  This piece is handmade; therefore, it needs special care.

Store it in a dry place and apply perfumes, body lotions and creams before wearing it.  Stay out of the water (pool and ocean) while wearing your piece to avoid color changes.


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