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Ring Catrina-Donella


The pieces created by Donella are  handmade by Colombian artisans.

The inspiration for this ring comes from tha magic found on fairy tales and dreams.  This Catrina is first carved using brass, then covered with a layer of 18k gold or silver and is giving a shiny or aged efect, the replicas are made using moulding technique.

Catrina was born in Mexico as part of political protests around 1910, Jose Guadalupe Posada its creator is quoted saying "Death, is democratic, since ultimately, guera, dark, rich or poor, everyone ends up being skull."  Since then Catrina has become a symbol of mexican culture and it's asociated to the day of the death, a day in which families get together to honored and celebrate the life of those who are no longer in this world.


CARE:  This piece is handmade and has a layer of gold, silver or cobalt, therefore it needs special care.

Store it in a dry place, avoid the contact with chemicals such as the ones in perfumes, body lotions and creams and stay out of the water (pool and ocean) while wearing your piece.


To learn more about Donella and her story, visit the Designers section or just click here


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