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Ring Circle-Floresse


* Adjustable rings sold individually. They also come in a square shape

This is a beautiful handmade piece created using stainless steel, resin and natural flowers full of colors.  These materials add to the long lasting life of the accessory, they are very light and easy to wear.  The shape given to the pieces is a basic geometric one to allow the attention to go to the flowers and their shapes and colors. 

Floresse accessories come in circles, rectangles, squares and heart shaped accessories.

The color combination and design comes naturally as the piece is being created with the purpose of enhancing the beauty of the flowers and the person who will wear the accessory.  In every piece you get a part of the silleteros tradition from Antioquia, so well known around the world.

Care: This is a handmade piece, it deserves special care. If you have to clean it, do so with a soft and dry cloth.  Make sure you store it separately in its own bag.  Apply body oils, creams and perfumes before putting it on.

To learn more about Floresse and their storyvisit the Designers section or just click here

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