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This handmade ring is shaped like the letter S from the alphabet.  One of the theories about its origins gives it the meaning “chew or crush”. Inspired by this meaning Unakita creates a jewel for women who take control, who set clear goals for themselves and work hard to reach them.  This is a ring for strong, ambitious women

This is a handmade piece created using gold platted bronze and fretwork, a technique used to replicate drawings on different materials to obtain beautiful designs, in this case they are later bent to get the final shape. The metal is cut and polish manually to give it the right forms, and then it is cover with a layer of gold to give it the desired finishing.


CARE:  This piece is handmade and has a gold layer; therefore it needs special care to make sure it lasts longer

Store it in a dry place, apply perfumes, body lotions and creams to your skin before putting on the accessory and stay out of the water (pool and ocean) while wearing your piece.  In case you need to clean it use a dry cloth

To learn more about Unakita and her story, visit the Designers section or just click here



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