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Scarf-Silk yellow lines-Seda y Punto

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This scarf is woven using silk and traditional looms.  You can use it as a belt around your waist to make a white shirt look more elegant or wear it alone and let it take the spotlight.

The weaving is done by 6 women in Anserma , Caldas, who sit around their looms united by their passion and love for this traditions and share a good coffee and lots of stories, while they create one by one, ponchos, scarf and many more pieces each with a unique color combination.

CARE:  This handmade garment so it deserves special care.  Wash it by hand with a soft soap, do not scrub hard or wring it.  Set it to dry on a flat surface in the shade to prevent the fibers from stretching.  Do not iron it directly, if you need to use a moist cloth to protect it and have the iron at low temperature.  The weaving is very delicate so be careful with rings, bracelets and watches that could get caught accidentally. 

To learn more about Seda y Punto and her story, visit the Designers section or just click here


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