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Pagamento is a young brand created and run by an outgoing, hardworking woman.  Just like anything worth working for it was born from a life dream.

“I dreamed of walking the entrepreneur path, of bieng independent and free to create, and that dream lead to Pagamento.  Handmade, with a bohemian style, feminine and artesanal (art that heals) everything is created with passion and love.

Pagamento believes in repurposing materials provided by nature.  It is a way to show gratitude to the world in a spiritual, emotional and material dimension, giving life back to the material through and artistic creation”

For her brand, Carol choose a name that reflects who she is, a name that speaks of inner balance and positive attitude towards everyone around her.

“Pagamento is the ancestral Mayan concept of giving back to the univers, as return from everything the universe gives us with the neveredning energy that we all are, enriching our spirit with wisdom and peace.

It’s my way of looking at life, the compensation law telling us we give and we receive.  Finding balance is an universal principle, cause and effect”

Pagamento is born at a time of emotional maturity for Carol, who wants to give back to the universe through her creativity, with her work on original pieces and tells to women who fall in love with her pieces

“At this time of my life I am gratefull for everything I’ve received, and I want to give back giving women a different option, one they can relate to and shine through.  Sexy, daring, sophisticated, irreverent and HAPPY.

  I hope I can inpsire you as we walk together now”


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