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Earrings Sili-Lamal’ín

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Beautiful and elegant handmade leaf-shaped earrings made of golden leather with swarosky appliqués in different colors like silver, green, fuchsia and black, embroidered with silk by hand. Created by Latin American designers inspired by the ancestral memory of the beauty of the half-caste race.


CARE: This product is handmade and it needs a specially care.  Keep your earrings in their original packaging, protect them from water, moisture and cosmetics (perfumes and creams) because they can alter their properties, avoid the constant contact of the earrings with other elements to prevent deterioration of handmade embroidery. Be careful when using them with light color clothing or accessories since the earrings' color could transfer onto them.


To learn more about Lamalin and their story, visit the Designers section or just click here



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