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This is a colombian brand that believes stones are a physical manifestation of the world's energy.  Using these earthly beings for inspiration, this brand designs handmade women accessories, for free spirit, open hearted and sensitive women.  Using the earth as inspiration, Amarone's designs, have a natural flow and embellish you without taking away the spotlight from your natural beauty.

Each piece is full of details, designed in a special way to fit into the life of unique and extraordinary human beings to whom the universe gives their creations.   

Their notion of brand, is the love for the artisan work and the taste for nature, that is an inexhaustible source of inspiration, that is how they reflected a message in every design.


All their products are handmade, most of them in bronze and 18k gold plated, they also use natural stones such as quartz, citrine and swarovski crystals, murano glass, and zircon with different caliber chains. 


Social responsibility and environment are important issues to build they brand.  Amarone use ecological packaging in order to contribute to the reduction of environmental impact with principles of sustainability.


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