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  • Bracelet-Crisocola-Sapriet Taller
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Bracelet-Crisocola-Sapriet Taller

$76.80 USD

Macrame is an ancient technique; it was used by sailors to decorate anything from swords to parts of a ship.  Its application has change since then, and now it is used to make garments and decoration.  John and Jazmine, the founders of Sapriet, are experts at Filigree Macrame.  Their technique consists on “manually designing, without using glue, metals or any component to hold the knotted structure, using only thousands of knots, placed carefully and precisely to obtain a complex esthetic composition”.  The complex shapes achieved with this technique, using only hands and thread turn Sapriet’s accessories into amazing art pieces.


CARE: This is a handmade piece and it deserves special care.  Store it in its individual bag to avoid friction with other objects that can scratch the stones and keep it in a dry place away from direct light.  Long term exposure to direct light may affect the colors

Remember to apply perfumes, creams and body lotions before putting the accessory on, these substances may affect the color and durability of the threads.  Please stay out of the water (ocean and pools) while wearing your art piece and if you need to clean it to remove dust, use a dry cloth or soft brush.

To learn more about Sapriet Taller and their storyvisit the Designers section or just click here



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