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Clutch Palma de iraca Handmade-Artesano Currucutú

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Estrella, a name that means star in spanish, lives in a small town in the Colombian Atlantic region; with her family, she creates beautiful accessories using Iraca Palm tree.  The process to get the palm ready to knit, is long and very manual, thanks to these artisans patience and years of tradition the result is breathtaking. The colors, achieve with natural and mineral dyies, the amazing shapes and the attention to details are the work of modern artisans who understand tendencies and make them their own respecting traditions.

This is a handmade clutch using Iraca palm tree.  Its color is aquamarine blue, it has a magnet closure and a matching satin lining.


CARE: This piece is handmade; therefore, it needs special care.  Store it in a dry place and avoid water, if you need to clean it use a dry cloth or a baby wipe.


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