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Lecat is born in 2013 as a way for Catalina Vergara, its founder and designer, to express her love for fashion and nature.  This love is reflected in the inspiration behind her collections, influenced by animals and their surroundings.

Lecat creates pieces for strong, confident, powerful women who take the spotlight anytime.  All these characteristics can be seen in felines as well, and that is where Lecat finds inspiration.

This brand has 2 lines of handmade products, both found in every collection.  One is ecofriendly jewelry made with recycled brass processed to create beautiful gold-plated pieces.  The second line is made of silver 950.

In Currucutú you will find pieces from 2 collections, Magic dreams and Feline intricacy.

Magic Dreams collection is best explained with this sentence "Dreams traveled guided by hummingbirds.  Some dreams are brief, some persistent, all dreams magic.  Some dreams blind you, feminine, free and powerful, filling your heart with color, love and joy."


Feline intricacy collection is a reflection of Lecat's fascination with felines "With a movement as sagacious, discreet and suggestive as a feline, the body is surrounded and elevated.  We are recalling our roots with every movement of the piece; just as the felines are portrait in the symbols used by pre-Columbian cultures ,we create a jewel-individual composition full of strength and vitality."

Lecat was recognized as one of the winners of Capital Semilla 2013 in Medellin, award given to innovative business ideas and also took part on Expoartesanias as part of a special program for modern artisans


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