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Necklace Sparkles Sustainable jewelry-Lecat

$50 USD

* Here you get only the necklace, pictures with other pieces are meant to give you ideas

This piece is sustainable jewelry, it’s carefully handmade using brass resulting from industrial processes.  The material is re-purposed and comes back to life gold platted, thanks to the techniques used.

This piece belongs to Lecat’s Magic Dreams collection inspired by “Dreams that traveled guided by hummingbirds.  Some dreams are brief, some persistent, all dreams magic.  Some dreams blind you, feminine, free and powerful, filling your heart with color, love and joy.”


Care: This is a handmade accessory and deserves the best care.  We recommend you store it separately in a dry place.  Because is gold platted you have to be careful with perfumes and body lotions, apply them to your body before putting on your accessories and stay dry while wearing it.  To clean it use a dry cloth.

To learn more about Lecat and her story, visit the Designers section or just click here

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