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This brand’s name represents the essence and motivation of Susana, the designer behind these amazing products.

  Unakita is a semiprecious stone; it is believed to be beneficial to gain emotional balance and represents tenderness, sweetness and caring.  The Unakita heals problems carried on from past lives and helps to reframe problems.  According to Susana “when we feel lost it helps us to see the road ahead clearly”


Unakita has become the perfect way for this creative and sweet woman to express herself, and share with the world some of the peace you feel the minute you meet her.  Her peace comes from having the courage to do what she deeply desired for a long time.

 Unakita is the expression of a deep desire. As she came to a certain age and having fulfilled her role as a mother, Susana felt the need to create and live art. She found the courage to pursue something she had postponed for a long time.  “ I realized that happiness comes from doing what you really like” and so Susana found the inspiration and strength to walk down this path by reaching deep into her biggest desires.

Kamal Ravikant says it best “When something comes from inside, when something is a part of you, there’s no other option but to express it and let it live through you”


Susana has devoted herself to create handmade pieces “my jewels capture everything I am, they are like me, very natural and elegant without frills”


Unakita believes “if you reach the heart you’ll get a place in the mind”



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