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Lucas Restrepo Henao

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Lucas combines multiple elements while exploring different forms, he uses his emotive memory, miniature, nature and geometry.  He proposes eclecticism as the common thread on his inspiration, and goes all the way from symbolic to organic in his forms.

With his designs he tells stories that are his and some that are borrowed, fictional characters appear, travel tales, curious forms, nature and beauty are present in every detail.  Even with his logo Lucas Restrepo Henao is inviting us to explore, open brackets to expand the mind instead of putting limits and boundaries to ourselves.


To create what he imagines, Lucas uses different techniques like lost-wax, to achieve realistic forms and impeccable details.  Machines that have their own story to tell are also used, machines with a new purpose that were used by his grandfather the dentist and are now part of this designs.

All his pieces are handmade and as for the materials, it depends on the feeling he’s trying to accomplish, silver, cooper, bronze, wood or resin give life to his creations.  Lucas believes the pleasure of creating goes hand in hand with the pleasure of exploring so he can always surprise us with new shapes and materials.


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